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Please Welcome Guest Author Sharon Hamilton

Boxed sets are all the rage now.  More and more, authors are banding together to offer readers more bang for less buck.  Today, my friend Sharon Hamilton shares about her recent experience working with a group of authors on one … Continue reading

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Coming Out Of The Erotic Romance Closet

Recently, Loveswept reissued the “Red Hot Cop” erotic romance novellas I self-published under a pseudonym, Ava Meyers.  A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing erotic romance, probably for the same reason (at least partially) that … Continue reading

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Falling For Fabio

Last weekend, I got to meet a legend in the romance writing world—Fabio!  A few other romance authors/friends and I stood in line for two hours to see the cover model, who is sponsoring a new protein shake.  He was … Continue reading

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Guest Cyndi Faria Talks Winning Storylines

I’m so excited to welcome my friend and critique partner Cyndi Faria to Magical Musings.  Cyndi is one of the hardest working and passionate writers I know.  Welcome, Cyndi… I’d like to thank Magical Musings Author Virna DePaul for inviting … Continue reading

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“But I don’t wannah!”

When my oldest son was a toddler, he threw some hellacious tantrums.  They almost always surprised me, but I handled them pretty well.  Calm.  Loving.  But also firm.  He learned pitching a fit would only exhaust him, not get him … Continue reading

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Flying Under The Radar? Priceless.

I just spent three days in Disneyland with my boys.  A few times my hubby posted on Facebook some pics of himself or them on some crazy ride–I am noticeably absent.  I even joked with him about his Facebook friends … Continue reading

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Recharged, Renewed, and Ready To Go

My mood is definitely affected by the seasons.  Sometimes I don’t realize how much until I feel that upswing that comes with spring.  I just feel more like myself.  My creativity fires up, making me more eager to write, but … Continue reading

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Bouncing Between Light And Dark

I just sent my editor the first story in a new paranormal romantic suspense series.  At just over 105k words, it has a complex plot, intense characters, and dark themes.  It kicked my butt, yet I know I’m not done … Continue reading

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You Might Be A Romance Writer If…

Hope you had a truly wonderful Valentine’s Day! In May, I did a blog post at Romance At Random about the ups and downs of being a romance writer.  That post included a quasi-Top 15 Ways To Know You’re A … Continue reading

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Aloha & Happy New Year: Let’s Talk Multi-Tasking

Happy new year to you all.  Hope yours has gotten off to a fabulous start. It’s a wonderful time of the new year for me!  I’m getting to spend it in Kauai, and although I do have a book deadline … Continue reading

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