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Guest Blog: Interview with Author Randi Cooley Wilson

Today, I’d like to welcome to Magical Musings Bestselling Author Randi Cooley Wilson! Randi sat down with me and answered some burning questions about her latest release Vernal, A Royal Protector Academy Novel and her writing process. MMG: Welcome to … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Gayle Trent on cozy murder mysteries

Today, I’m happy to welcome my author buddy Gayle Trent to Magical Musings. Gayle writes cozy murder mysteries under her own name, as well as Amanda Lee and Gayle Leeson. Jennifer: Welcome, Gayle! Please tell readers about your new book, … Continue reading

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What’s in a name…? A Blurb Fit for Royalty — Guest Remi Bond

Please welcome guest Remi Bond, whose release Surprise for Three: Leap Year, along with S.L. Carpenter’s Chasing Dreams: Leap Year, leaped into reader hands February 29! The first thing a reader sees of an author’s book is the cover or … Continue reading

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Guest Barbara M. Britton: Just Keep Swimming!

I’m so happy to have debut award-winning author Barbara M. Britton as a guest. She’s an amazing friend and writer, and I’m so eager to read her book, which is on pre-order now! Here’s Barb! Just Keep Swimming! One of … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Rebecca Zanetti on The Scorpius Syndrome

First, a big thanks to Jennifer and the Magical Musing gang for having me over to play today.  One of my favorite parts of writing a book is doing the research beforehand.  Don’t get me wrong—I make things up for … Continue reading

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4/1: 4 for 1 and 1 for all! — Guests Roxy Mews, S.L. Carpenter and Kayleigh Malcolm

Tomorrow is, in US terms, 4/1. Across the world it’s April first, better known as April Fools. It’s the official™ holiday of that fun pack of authors, those April Fools For Love, Roxy Mews, S.L. Carpenter, Jodi Redford and Mary Hughes, … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Claire Boston

I’m so thrilled to have Claire Boston as a guest on Magical Musings today. Claire and I both live in Western Australia and have fun catching up in person every now and then. Here she is, talking about making the … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Grace Snider

Writing – My Wailing Wall In the final months of my father’s life, one of my brothers looked at me, my shoulders hunched over my laptop, and asked, “Do you have to write so much?” His question took me aback, … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Gail Z. Martin on her new book, Vendetta

Today, I am pleased to welcome fantasy author Gail Z. Martin to Magical Musings. Gail writes both epic and urban fantasy. Take it away, Gail: Jennifer: Welcome, Gail! Please tell readers about your new book, Vendetta. Gail: Thank you! I’m … Continue reading

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More-than-Human Characters and Why I Love Them–Guest Author Roxy Mews

Roxy has a great flow to her writing that I wish I could do. She makes even the most fantastic situations feel absolutely concrete through her natural, up-to-the-millisecond style. Today she’s sharing a bit of how she makes that happen. Please … Continue reading

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