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Soundtrack Super Twins—Guests Jodi Redford and Selena Illyria

These authors may be multi published, award winning, and best selling, but above all they’re ready for the Garden Gnome Apocalypse! I love their wit on Facebook so I’m especially delighted my friends Jodi and Selena agreed to be my … Continue reading

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April Fools For Love–romance with a bit of fun

So about nine months ago (as I remember it), one of my author friends suggested a group of us who write both hot and funny get together to do a set. She said there were all sorts of boxed sets for … Continue reading

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My #1 Favorite Thing–It’s Not What You Think

photo credit: Lex Photographic via photopin cc Can you name some famous introverts? Some of the names may surprise you. Answer below Those who know me, know I’m an introvert. So this may also come as a surprise. My #1 favorite … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terri Meeker on Billy the Kid and Forks in the Road

Terri Meeker is a fellow Samhain Publishing author who’s awesomely entertaining and so much fun to read. I’m delighted she could join us today amid her packed schedule. Enjoy! When you come to a fork in the road, choose the … Continue reading

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8 Shocking Secrets Healthy People Know

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. ~Woody Allen They say laughter is the best medicine. What I want to know is, where did Dr. They get her medical degree and what studies has … Continue reading

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It’s Gotta Have Heart

My husband and I were having a discussion the other day about couples. We’ve gotten to the stage in our lives when we’ve rubbed a lot of the painful edges off each other–not quite to where we look alike but … Continue reading

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New Year, New Goals, New Point of View—Guest Roxy Mews

This is the time of year when I usually dust off my treadmill and try to remember that yoga pants are actually supposed to be used in a yoga class. I’ve started calling mine YouTube pants, because that’s what I … Continue reading

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A Pearl for Your Fantasy

You’ve won a million dollars! Ever wonder what you’d do? Would you buy a sexy negligee or a Maserati? Take an island cruise? Make a loan to a favorite relative? One of the questions authors are asked is, “Where do … Continue reading

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Hero–In or Out of the Shadows? + Ginormous Giveaway

Happy Monday! Thanks to everyone for commenting. I <3 you all–and to show it, I’m offering a free copy of Black Diamond Jinn through Smashwords. Just email me for a code. The winner of the Ginormous ebook pack is Donna … Continue reading

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5 Places to Travel to Feed Your Muse

Author, writer or reader, we all feel dry sometimes. Here are 5 places to find rejuvenation. London. There are 2 Alpha ++ cities in the entire world, according to Wikipedia. London and New York are both hubs in the global … Continue reading

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