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June! One fabulous month!

June. What a wonderful month. Not just because it’s my birthday month, but because it’s a month of beginnings – summer, freedom from school, longer days, and fairytale weddings. “Mine is the Month of Roses; yes, and mine The Month … Continue reading

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Poem: Corporate Nonentity by Ann Curtis

Sitting. Bored. Nothing to do. Feel inadequate. Could do more, not here. Turned off, shut out, nonachieving. Loneliness sometimes, alone. Connected, yet not connected. Competent in doing, yet don’t feel it. Dejected? Sometimes. Educated, personal skills, know the work. Praised? … Continue reading

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Poem: Pen by Ann Curtis

All sizes, kinds. Ball point, roller, mechanical, calligraphy, fountain. Different colors: red, black, blue, rainbow hued. Pen on paper, scratching across vellum, recording news, thoughts, emotions, feelings, business transactions, birth announcements, obituaries. Small news, big news, family accolades, business mergers. … Continue reading

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Poem: I SEE YOU by Edie Ramer

I see you healthy I see you whole I see you dance With your daughter On her wedding day Many years from now. I see you getting your dream agent I see your name on the bestseller lists I see … Continue reading

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Poem: Lost at Sea by Ann Curtis

Her sorrow sighed upon the breeze. Picked up by the strong northern wind, It was flung to the far corners of the seas. Waves crashed and sprayed upon the rocks As a lone seagull cried its mournful dirge, Its grief … Continue reading

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Poem: The Voice Inside My Head by Mary Marvella

This is the source of the poem: Vonda Sue Peabody sat behind the wheel of the 64 1/2 Mustang. The daughter of Rhonda and Vernon Peabody, she’d been teased about her name. She ran her hand over the plastic feeling … Continue reading

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Poem: Dream Killer by Ann Curtis

Frustration. Bottled up inside When to let go, Should I? Where and how will it release? It is potent, stronger than tar, thicker than smog. It wells up inside angrier than Ceres Double-headed, double-edged razor-sharp with need. There is no … Continue reading

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Poem: Write about You by Stacie Penney

I cannot write about your eyes; their every changing blue to grey— their midnight ringing baby blue— mirror mine, while laughter surrounds us. I cannot write about your smile; its activity and motion — first, wide; second, cocked at the … Continue reading

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Poem: Much Ado About Nothing by Dineen Miller

Spinning wheels spinning The march of life is racing, Time has turned the corner My reality lacks pacing. What’s a person to do? How can I fix this breach? Heart and soul at war, The lesson serves to teach. Ever … Continue reading

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Poem: Post HEA by Liz Kreger

What happens after the HEA Does the hero and heroine call it a day? Do they continue the intricate dance? Or is it an end to flowers, intimate dinners and romance? When does reality hit? The world of a life … Continue reading

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