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It’s All About Relationships; Places Included- Guest Blogger Christine Feehan

When you think of books you love it’s more often the characters that make you love the story.  There may be magic powers, great romantic chemistry and a hook that draws you in, but it will always be relationships that … Continue reading

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Can You Ever Be Too Old For Certain Types of Entertainment?

About a year ago I was at a large book convention and within that convention was an area dedicated to comics and graphic novels.  The last day of the convention they give away the display copies and I had my … Continue reading

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Who Are The New Bad Guys?

I’m really finding it interesting what authors and Hollywood are using for the new round of villains. Let’s see, it used to be Hitler and the Nazis during the forties and the fifties. Then during the sixties, it was the … Continue reading

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When Life Imitates Fiction

Please join me in welcoming Romantic Suspense authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey to the blog! While reading their books for the first time, I would send them messages during the times I experienced emotional highs or lows with the story, usually trying to get … Continue reading

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Pets in our world

My life with 3 cats bossing me around, (not to mention 4 kids), it’s no wonder that pets have made it into many of my stories. And given the very domineering nature of many pets, it’s no wonder that so … Continue reading

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Fearing the Famous: Meeting the Wonderful

I’ve met some pretty famous people and you’d think that makes my travels and job really exciting. It does.  But, it comes with some pitfalls you might not expect.  You see, when you meet someone you admire, regardless of how … Continue reading

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Things that inspire

A week or so ago I took the photo on this blog while I was out walking. It inspired me to include a rainbow in a scene I was working on (needless to say, it looked even more awesome in … Continue reading

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Living Vicariously and Other Random Thoughts

Readers live vicariously through books, traveling to exotic destinations without ever leaving your home (or your pajamas!).  But, in addition to books, we love to live through our friend’s adventures meeting authors, traveling to interesting places, having fun at conventions … Continue reading

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Barbara Vey’s Third Annual Reader’s Luncheon

First off, I want to wish all the moms, stepmoms and fostermoms a very happy Mother’s Day. Yes, it was yesterday, but since I didn’t blog yesterday, I’m bringing it up now. I had as lovely day. Was rather pampered … Continue reading

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Spring – the good and the bad

It’s a tough time of year for me. Spring always means spring cleaning, garden cleaning, painting, fixing little things that I’d pushed off because the weather had been ugly for so long. But the weather has now turned, (evidenced by … Continue reading

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