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Kiss+of+FrostBook title: Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy Book 2)

Book author: Jennifer Estep

Logan Quinn was trying to kill me. My Spartan classmate relentlessly pursued me, swinging his sword at me over and over again, the shining silver blade inching closer to my throat every time. A smile tugged up his lips, and his ice-blue eyes practially glowed with the thrill of battle. . .

I’m Gwen Frost, a second-year warrior-in-training at Mythos Academy, and I have no idea how I’m going to survive the rest of the semester. One day, I’m getting schooled in swordplay by the guy who broke my heart—the drop-dead gorgeous Logan who slays me every time. Then, an invisible archer in the Library of Antiquities decides to use me for target practice. And now, I find out that someone at the academy is really a Reaper bad guy who wants me dead. I’m afraid if I don’t learn how to live by the sword—with Logan’s help—I just might die by the sword. . .

Kiss of Frost is on sale for $2.51. In fact, all of the Mythos Academy series will be on sale through April. You can check Jennifer Estep’s website for details.

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last dayBook title:  Last Day

Book author:  K. Mabe

*Proceeds go to Relay for Life of Alamance County*

If today was your last day, what would you dream?

Will Leavey’s neighbors want to make his wish come true. Why? He’s terminally ill with cancer and smack dab in the middle of a second uphill fight.

Through fundraisers and prayer power, everyone’s tossed something into the pot. Bella Variel has pitched in more than bone marrow. Her passion for the cause triggered Maxwell Bahn’s protective side.

When a boy needs a super hero on call…who’s better than an officer in tights?

Amazon – For more info about Relay For Life of Alamance County, visit


51MnjoqtqIL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Book title: When the Lights Go Out

Book author: Roxy Mews

Named after the date of her conception, April Prime was used to hiding away and avoiding the world on April Fool’s day. Or at the very least avoiding her parents who tended to celebrate the holiday very differently from the rest of the world.

This year would be different. This year she closed on a home, and was taking control of her life. A few hiccups had her headed to an office supply store in search of moving supplies. Crashing through a bathroom door, she stumbled on a bit more than she expected when mister tall, dark, and indisposed was already using the facilities.

Taylor James was stuck being the brunt of yet another round of April Fool’s pranks. One of them being a change of the bathroom door signs. He went to work knowing he’d have to navigate a mine field. What he didn’t expect was a woman bursting in on him only to send his head spinning.

Despite the scenery, April is ready to make a red-faced retreat. That’s when a car crash knocks out the power to everything inside the store, including the electronic locks.
By the glow of the emergency flood light the two realize they may be stuck for a long while. April and Taylor could wait out the inconvenience in silence, or they could capture a moment together, and just maybe find something special when the lights go out.

Warning: Sex in the dark may lead to orgasms and head injury.

Amazon | Amazon UK

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6acfd1ada2a804abd7e4a0462dd28019471142a6-thumbBook title: Fringe Benefits

Book author: S.L. Carpenter

Business meetings can be hell, and business trips even worse, especially when one employees lusts after another. Linda wants nothing to do with her overly aggressive boss whose idea of sensitivity training involves porn and a rubber chicken.

Fortunately she’s got a good buddy along, and together she and Stacy manage to thwart those devious plans. Stacy finds her own fun and Linda stumbles over the most gorgeous man sleeping off what looks like an afternoon of sun and beer. And boy, he’s “loaded” in the best sense of the word.

Before she knows it, Linda becomes sex-crazed over Richard. Between wine, skinny-dipping and nights of incredibly imaginative bliss, the two of them explore delights neither could have anticipated.

However, as the meetings come to a conclusion, there’s one more surprise in store for Linda. And it involves an April Fool…

Amazon | Amazon UK

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Remember+Me (1)Book title: Remember Me

Book author: Maggie Mae Gallagher

Book blurb: Remember Me

The Heart Never Forgets…

When world renowned psychic, Madelyn Rose, accepts a missing children’s case on the Navajo Reservation, she believes it is a case she is more than capable of solving. What she never expects is for Detective Bronx Daniels to dredge up images of their shared past life and challenge the foundation of her future. In the wide open spaces of the Arizona desert, Madelyn and Bronx are forced to rely upon each other for survival as they race to save the abducted boys from the will of a madman. But with her life on the line, will Madelyn risk it all for a love that crosses time?

Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Book recommendations

The+Magicians'+GuildBook title:  The Magicians’ Guild

Book author:  Trudi Canavan

The old magician paused. ‘If this young woman is a natural, we should expect her to be more powerful than our average novice, possibly even more powerful than the average magician.’

Each year, the magicians of Imardin gather together to purge the city streets of vagrants and miscreants. Masters of the disciplines of magic, they know that no ordinary lowlife can oppose them. But their protective shield is not as imprenetrable as they think.

Sonea, angry, frustrated and outraged by the treatment of her family and friends, throws a stone at the shield, putting all her rage behind it. She is amazed when it sails unrestricted through the barrier and knocks a magician unconscious.

The Guild’s worst fear has been realised. There is an untrained magician loose in Imardin who must be found before her uncontrolled powers can destroy herself and the city.

Link/s to book: Author site | Amazon | Kobo

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24610293Book title: The Cowboy Next Door

Book author: Roxanne Snopek

When plucky single mother Leda Plett goes next door to retrieve her wandering pooch, she doesn’t expect to find a handsome stranger lounging about like he owns the place. She certainly doesn’t expect him to go all “white knight” about her deadbeat ex, or her knees to go all wobbly at his sexy smile.

Rodeo-star turned agent Eric Anders is used to managing people and clearly, the boots-and-sundress wearing mouthy mama needs someone to manage her. He wants to help; her spirited spark and quick wit have nothing to do with it.

But when Eric’s good intentions end up bringing only hurt and humiliation, he’s forced to face the fact that he doesn’t always know best. Leda is stronger and wiser than he knew, and his arrogance may have just cost him the one girl he now can’t live without.

Amazon | Goodreads


Saved+by+a+SEALBook title:  Saved by a SEAL

Book author:  Cat Johnson

Zane Alexander was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but the rebellious bad boy traded it, along with his share of the family fortune, for a Navy SEAL trident and freedom from his controlling father.
Ten years later, Zane’s teammates are depending on him to secure the startup capital they need to open their security company and he’s gambling on his skills at covert operations to get it. For a million dollars he’ll fake interest in Missy Greenwood, the senator’s daughter his father wants him to date in exchange for the investment.
When Missy is kidnapped and Zane and his team are sent to Nigeria to rescue her, there’s no more faking when the danger and the emotions turn very real.

Link/s to book: Amazon | Kobo


Book+Marketing,+Book+Trailers+and+Author+Etiquette+in+a+NutshellBook title: Book Marketing, Book Trailers and Author Etiquette in a Nutshell

Book author: Sheila Clover English and Barbara Vey

Two leading publishing industry professionals talk book marketing, etiquette and book trailers®.

Sheila Clover English trademarked the term “book trailer” and created a market for digital video and the publishing industry.

Barbara Vey writers the Publisher’s Weekly blog Beyond Her Book and is the recipient of the 2012 RWA Vivian Stephens Industry Award.

Get a condensed, concise and quick look at book marketing and industry etiquette advice and experience that can help you determine what’s right for you, or tell you how other professionals are dealing with issues of marketing, social media and industry issues.

Find out how book trailers® were introduced into the publishing industry, what’s important when making a book video and how to make your video a good return on investment.

Chapters include time management tips, going beyond Facebook and Twitter, defining transmedia, do’s & don’ts lists, how to build reader loyalty and more.

Amazon | Kobo

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Whistling in the Dark – Guest Blog by Renee Bernard

Magical Musings welcomes author Renee Bernard!  Please welcome her to our blog! If you comment you’ll be entered to win a copy of her book!!  

Whistling in the Dark – Guest Blog by Renee Bernard


I’ve been writing Historical Romances for a while now and recently added Romantic Comedies into the mix.  But since I can never do anything in a straight line, I decided to sprinkle mine with my very own brand of Paranormal.  My paranormal has no blood splatter, no secret societies hunting other secret paranormal societies, no fur, no fangs and an apparent shocking lack of mystical weaponry.  The Eternity Gambit Series kicked off with DEVIL TO PAY and was recently joined by DEVIL MAY CARE…and in my world, Hades Enterprises, LLC (H.E.LLc) is just another corporation trying to survive a recent merger (with Heaven, Inc.), trying to hit their quarterly targets and trying to hang on for dear life.  Hell doesn’t manufacture evil, brimstone or any products you’d find in a catalog.  They simply track evil, write up reports, patent new trends in how things go wrong and enjoy casual Fridays in the office. (No souls are tortured or collected.  Souls are not baseball cards. Someone should have sent out a memo.)

In DEVIL TO PAY, when Lucifer (the seventh unlucky guy to have that title, by the way) meets the mortal woman of his dreams, it’s a romantic chase like no other.  Because angels don’t lie and telling a girl that your desk’s name plate reads “Lord of Darkness” can really make that first date awkward…Then I made my heroine sane, funny, smart, employed and completely healthy (as in not emotionally broken or scarred in any way).  Why?  Because no one else seems to be writing those women into books and I knew no sane, funny, smart, employed and completely healthy woman was going to flippantly date Satan.  It’s a non-starter a.k.a. the “perfect conflict” for a romance.

Or at least, it is in my humble opinion.  Because I didn’t want Armageddon in the room.  And I seriously think when everything is over the top, it’s easy to lose your emotional connection to characters, to a story, to any essential questions you’re trying to ask. Even in a comedy–or maybe especially in comedy.  Lately there seems to be a sharp edge to humor that I don’t remember running into as often.  Less wit and more snark, less finesse and more slapstick carpet-bombing.

The challenge for me was restraint. To take a scenario that could be ridiculous but then try grounding it with very real emotional contexts. As in: what if you fall in love with the Absolute Most Impossible Person? What if Being Good means Accepting the Worst? What if Death isn’t just something you fear, but a guy you take out to play putt-putt?

Is it silly?  Sure.  But then again, did I miss the train when Paranormal Romances became too serious?  Was there a memo? Isn’t there ultimately something to smile about when we get into these grim, scholarly discussions of who would survive in a zombie apocalypse or why one fictional world’s take on fictional beings CANNOT contradict the fictional world of another fictional being?

So, here I am.  Whistling in the dark and writing paranormal romantic comedies that don’t look like anyone else’s… But if push comes to shove, I’m happy to stand on funny, on romance and best of all, on the solid truth beneath my feet: In my world, the scariest things on the planet are Human Beings.  And I don’t see how anyone can disagree with that! 😉

About Renee Bernard


Renee Bernard is an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical romance and recently, contemporary romantic comedy.  She won RT’s Reviewer’s Choice award for “Best Debut Historical” in 2006 and never slowed down (she missed the memo).  By the end of 2014, she will have fifteen books out there in the world.  She has published with Simon & Schuster and Berkley as well as branching out into independent publishing, audio books and comic books.  For over four years she has been the host of “The Romance Bookmark” (formerly “Canned Laughter and Coffee”), a weekly internet radio show with between 80-100K registered listeners via Readers Entertainment.  From wine wrangling—to stand-up comedy and public speaking, there’s nothing off the table.  (No really.  Nothing.  Except anything involving dancing and a pole.  She’s past that now.)

Renee lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains with her husband and daughters, and an adequate number of cats to qualify as a romance writer.

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The Fall

the fallMy husband and I recently got hooked on the BBC series The Fall, which stars Gillian Anderson of X Files fame.

It is really excellent. The kind of subtle, emotional and thought-provoking crime drama that I really love and think the BBC does particularly well. It is also extremely well filmed.

I live in Australia, and I understand from Edie, because we’ve had quite a few conversations about it, that Miss Phryne Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are available in the US now. Miss Fisher is a crime drama set in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s (with absolutely GORGEOUS costumes).

The connection between Miss Fisher and The Fall? Both have a female lead character, but what is more, both characters are unashamed of their sexuality and call men on their assumptions of the proper way for women to behave when it comes to sexual desire.

In Miss Fisher’s case, it’s obviously the 1920s, after WWI when life was lived as if there would be no tomorrow, and that comes across in Phryne Fisher’s attitudes. She is hedonistic after the trauma she experienced as an ambulance driver in WWI, and she is quite unapologetic and unashamed at going after sexual encounters when she is attracted to someone. Her exuberance and love of life come through as her motivation.

It’s refreshing, and I love the way it challenges the status quo and makes Phryne somehow stronger and more self-assured. She is happy to look someone directly in the eye and ask: “What of it?”

The Fall is set in modern-day Belfast, Ireland, and Gillian Anderson plays Detective Superintendent Gibson. She’s a very senior officer, brought in to assess a case where the detectives have stalled in their investigation of a strange murder. She is stunningly beautiful, and extremely controlled.

Her demeanour and her looks, as well as her seniority and the fact that she is coming over from London to oversee the Belfast detectives as if they’re not up to the job spelled a sort of doom for me, initially. I thought, she’s going to get no cooperation, she’s going to have a hard time. But no.

There is a serenity and an innate self-confidence in Gibson that throws people off their stride. They don’t know how to read her, and her politeness and her very direct gaze, finds them cooperating with her, even if they might not have meant to, initially.

But it is when she sees a very handsome detective at a crime scene, approaches him, and gives him her hotel room number, that I realised this was something a step up from what I’d originally imagined it to be.

I wondered if Gibson was being wise to offer a sexual liaison to a junior officer she didn’t know, but after the encounter I realised that was exactly what I was meant to question. When the officer she slept with is killed in the early hours of that same morning, Gibson openly goes to the chief of police and lets him know the officer spent part of the night with her, and the reactions of the male investigators is fascinating, as she challenges their views. My favourite line is this. The head investigator asks her, in a shocked, disbelieving tone: “How long had you even known him?” to which she responds: “It’s hard for you, isn’t it? Man, subject, has sex, verb, with woman, object. You’re comfortable with that. But in this case it was woman, subject, man, object. And that doesn’t sit well with you, does it?”

This is a reflection of the crimes Gibson is there to investigate. A string of sexual murders by a serial killer who objectifies women completely.

And while Gibson’s motivations for her sexual behaviour seem to have a much darker root than Phryne Fisher’s, hints that Gibson has been the victim in the past of rape and torture, rather than the more general trauma of war, like Phryne, the way they are presented, and the strength of their characters, makes both these story lines both deeper and more thought-provoking than they otherwise would have been. The women have taken full ownership of their sexuality, and challenge anyone’s right to dictate to them, and in that way come to grips with events they had no control of in the past. They are stronger for it.

Do you enjoy challenging scenarios like this in the stories you watch or read?

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Book Playlists

As a book and music lover, it makes me all kinds of happy when I learn that an author has a playlist to go along with their story. Even better when they put it in order of how the book plays out. Listening to a song that the author feels reflects a character, scene or overall mood of a book brings it to life even more in my opinion.

11129999_10206427217663048_1290379370_nTake Home by Daughtry for example. I had heard the song in the past, but when I learned it was a song that author Adrienne Giordano used for her book Man Law and main character, Vic Andrews, it brought both the song and story to a new level me. I could picture a specific scene in the book where it would be playing in the background and now each time I hear the song, I think of that scene and character. I so love that. I never want to let go of books and characters so this is one way to keep them alive. I am definitely one of those readers that likes to think that the characters and stories I read are real. I have a feeling many of you are the same way.

I listen to Spotify when I am at work during the day and have started saving my favorite book playlists to listen to them during the day. Even though I am “stuck” in reality, it brings a little fantasy to my day and makes me smile.

Do you like it when an author offers a book playlist? Do you listen to those songs at least once to understand and feel the book through music? Do you have a favorite book playlist that you listen to often?

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Serials – Yes or No?

On a Yahoo group that I belong to, someone said she’d written a long book, over 150,000 words, and she wondered if she should split it. I was recently thinking of splitting a book in half or even making it into three books (though mine was much shorter). So I was very interested in the replies. They were all over the place. Some thought she should split it. Some said “Hell no!” One author said to put it out in a 10-book serial. One person said to split it into different books, and also put all the smaller books together and publish them in a bundle.

Touch of FrostAlmost everyone has a different experience, too. I’ve read a lot of YA and paranormal serials. For the most part, like Jennifer Estep’s Mythos Academy series (which is on sale for the month of April!), there is a big adventure and conflict in each book, and there is a win for the main heroine (sometimes just being alive is a win)–but there are also losses. And the big resolve doesn’t happen until the last book.

I’ve read every Mythos Academy book, and I never felt let down because the main conflict wasn’t resolved. I knew that eventually it would come. When it did, it was perfect, and I marveled at how Jennifer tied up all the many different elements. At the same time, I was sad that the series was over. (Luckily, she has a new YA series out, The Black Blade, and the first book of the series, Cold Burn of Magic, will be out later this month and is available for pre-order.)

Vampire+3+in+1+SetIn Dale Mayer’s YA Family Blood Ties series, she also resolves great problems in each book – but then she puts the characters in deeper trouble. So the books do have a cliffhanger ending. But because there was the resolve just before that, you’re still left happy with the book you just read, and you’re eager to read the next one. (And I’m also marveling at her imagination. I wish I had a crazy mind like that!)

Michelle Diener went a different way with The Golden Apple and The Silver Pear. The heroes in the different books are brothers, and the stories are connected. I can’t explain their connection in a short sentence or two, except to say that the books are brilliant and captivating – and once you start reading, you won’t want to stop.

The+Golden+Apple (1)I’ve read romances that were serials, and that doesn’t work well for me. No matter how good the book is, I’m just not interested in reading about a couple who can’t commit at the end of the book. If there are mystery or paranormal elements, I might decide differently. But if it’s just the hero and heroine’s life journey or indecision that keeps them apart, I feel that I’m being strung along.

If the hero and heroine are in another book with a new adventure, that’s a whole different thing. Then I would read the other books.

My book that I was considering splitting does have a mystery element, but I decided that it wasn’t a big enough mystery element to split it into two or three books.

What about you? What do you think about a book that’s mostly romance having a cliffhanger? Would you like it if it were split in two or three books or more? Or would you just prefer one?

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Friday Finds

Welcome to Friday Finds! We would love your input for discounted books, free books, book recommendations or new releases and book contests (where books are the prize). Feel free to submit through our Friday Finds Submission Form. The cut-off is Wednesday for that Friday’s post, and please make sure that the offers you are submitting will be running that Friday. Please check the deals mentioned in this post before buying, as some may have expired. Thanks!


HumBook title: The Hum and the Shiver

Book author: Alex Bledsoe

Book blurb: Named one of the Best Fiction Books of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews, The Hum and the Shiver by Alex Bledsoe is an enchanting tale of music and magic older than the hills. . . .

No one knows where the Tufa came from, or how they ended up in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Enigmatic and suspicious of outsiders, the Tufa live quiet lives in the hills and valleys of Cloud County. While their origins may be a mystery, there are hints of their true nature buried in the songs they have passed down for generations.

Bronwyn Hyatt, a pure-blood Tufa, has always insisting on doing things her own way, regardless of the consequences. Even though Tufa rarely leave Cloud County, she enlisted in the Army to escape the pressures of Tufa life–her family, her obligations as a First Daughter, and her dangerous ex-boyfriend. But after barely surviving a devastating ambush that killed most of her fellow soldiers, Private Hyatt returns to Cloud County wounded in body and in spirit. But danger lurks in the mountains and hollows of her childhood home. Cryptic omens warn of impending tragedy, and a restless “haint” lurks nearby, waiting to reveal Bronwyn’s darkest secrets. Worst of all, Bronwyn has lost touch with the music that was once a vital part of her identity.

Now Bronwyn finds the greatest battle to be right here at home, where her obligations struggle with her need for freedom, and if she makes the wrong choice, the consequences could be deadly for all the Tufa. . . .

Amazon: The Hum and the Shiver is on special offer for $2.99

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Touch of FrostBook title: Touch of Frost

Book author: Jennifer Estep

Book blurb: My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy — a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody’s head with a sword and Logan Quinn, the hottest Spartan guy in school, also happens to be the deadliest.

But lately, things have been weird, even for Mythos. First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War. You know, death, destruction and lots of other bad, bad things. Freaky stuff like this goes on all the time at Mythos, but I’m determined to find out who killed Jasmine and why – especially since I should have been the one who died . . .

TOUCH OF FROST is on sale for $1.99. In fact, all of the Mythos Academy series will be on sale through April. You can check Jennifer Estep’s website for details.


EvidenceBook title: Evidence of Trust

Book author: Stacey Joy Netzel

Trust makes all the difference when love and danger collide.


Having grown up under the excessive expectations of her CEO father, Brittany Lucas is as resistant to authority as the mustang she’s training for her boss. It’s a fault that lands her in more danger than she bargains for while camping in the back-country of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Ranger Joel Morgan is used to having the upper hand in all his cases—until he runs into the headstrong blond while investigating disturbing incidents of poaching in the park. Brittany’s imprudent lie of omission awakens ghosts in his past, making the sizzling attraction between them unwelcome.

As he searches for evidence he can trust her, the monster mutilating wildlife turns his sights on Brittany, and Joel discovers he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her—even give his own life.


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Perfect MessBook title: A Perfect Mess

Book author: Zoe Dawson

Book blurb: I know what you did last summer.

Aubree Walker, the perfect girl most likely to succeed, is sure there’s only one person who knows what she did.

Booker Outlaw, one of the three Outlaw brothers–all identical, all gorgeous, all from the wrong side of the tracks, and all pure bad boys. He was always the unpredictable one, the one who would be brash enough to make it big self-publishing horror novels on the internet. He promised never to tell, but everyone knows you can never trust an Outlaw.

Then a year later, in the middle of the night, she receives a phone call at Tulane. Her aunt, who took her in after her mother’s death, is in a coma under suspicious circumstances. Now she has to face that one person who knows all about what she did that summer–sexy Booker.

Returning to Hope Parish to be with her aunt, stirs up all those ugly memories. When Aubree starts getting threats, she can’t help but wonder if what she did last summer was tied to her aunt’s “accident.” Afraid, she turns to the only person who knows the truth and Booker doesn’t hesitate to offer his broad shoulder for her to lean on. But Booker has a secret of his own that could crush their fledgling relationship.

As the hot, sultry summer days on the bayou move on, she finds that even a perfectly smart girl can lose her heart to a perfectly bad boy. What is she going to do when someone starts asking questions Aubree doesn’t want to answer? She’s knee deep into a terribly dangerous, wholly life changing, who-can-she-really-depend-on perfect mess.

Warning: This book is for mature audiences only!

New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

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Getting OutBook title: Getting out of Hand

Book author: Erin Nicholas

Book blurb: Genius scientist Mason Riley can cure world hunger, impress the media and piss off the Vice President of the United States all before breakfast. But he’s not sure he can get through his high school class reunion.

Then he meets the new girl in town.

Adrianne Scott loves Sapphire Falls. The sleepy little town has been the perfect place to escape her fast-paced, high stress lifestyle. Her only plans now include opening her candy shop and living a quiet, drama-free life.

Until Mason Riley bids four hundred dollars just to dance with her.

Mason sure doesn’t look–or kiss–like a genius scientist geek. In fact, he makes Adrianne’s heart pound like nothing she’s ever experienced. Passion like this with a guy who travels the world and parties at the White House should probably be a red flag for a girl who wants a simple boring life.

Good thing no one falls in love in a weekend.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Book recommendations

ValourBook title: The Better Part of Valour

Book author: Tanya Huff

Book blurb: Best known for her Quarters series and vampire novels, Tanya Huff stunned critics and fans with Valor’s Choice, her first military science fiction novel. This thrilling sequel follows the Confederation’s investigation of a seemingly abandoned alien spaceship.

Amazon | iBooks

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MischiefBook title: Mischief by Moonlight

Book author: Emily Greenwood

Book blurb: With the night so full of romance…

Colin Pearce, the Earl of Ivorwood, never dreamed he’d desire another man’s fiancée, but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching Josie Cardworthy, he falls under her sparkling spell.

Who can resist mischief?

Josie can’t wait for the return of her long-absent fiancé. If only her beloved sister might find someone, too…someone like the handsome, reserved Colin. A gypsy’s love potion gives Josie the chance to matchmake, but the wild results reveal her own growing passion for the earl. And though fate offers them a chance, a steely honor may force him to reject what her reckless heart is offering…



MillionaireBook title: The Millionaire’s Forever

Book author: Sonya Weiss

Book blurb: There are two sides to every Gemini guy…and one of them is red-hot.

Olivia Carter has a handsome, millionaire boyfriend. She’s madly in love with him. The hitch? He doesn’t actually exist. She told the lie to save Forever, her wedding design shop. And it worked—almost too well. As the media attention increases, so do the demands for Olivia to produce her “boyfriend.” With both her reputation and career in jeopardy, Olivia is desperate enough to do almost anything…

Which is exactly what millionaire Mason Parker wants. Thanks to Olivia and her father, Mason went through hell during his teen years, and now it’s time for a little payback—starting with the announcement that he’s her one and only. Now the sexy Olivia has no choice but to do what Mason wants. But none of his plans for vengeance included falling in love with the woman he planned to ruin…

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

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BitingSerendipity3x4.5Book title: Biting Serendipity

Book author: Mary Hughes

Book blurb: $0.99

Best April Fools joke ever—falling in love.
Part of the April Fools For Love collection
Biting Love Short Bites, Book 4

Serendipity “Sera” Braun wears glasses and a bun to teach during the day, but at night, she adds a breast-plumping vest and dirndl for her job hoisting beer steins at Nieman’s. The big, leather-vest-and-earringed Viking bouncer? He’s bedsheets waiting to get sweaty, but all he does is scowl at her. She’s trying to keep her geriatric stripper of a granny from breaking a hip, but it’s hard when she keeps getting distracted by that sexy, smoky baritone.

Thorvald Thorsson is bitingly lonely—every vampire around him is mating. But his ex-fiancée rejected him as a killjoy (her exact words were he ate rules and s*** misery), so it’s high time Fun Thor comes out to play. No way he’d pair up with the cute but too-serious little schoolmarm who waits tables at the bar.

Sera bridles the wicked, delicious things she’d like to do with the muscular Viking, suppressing herself until she’s a volcano about to blow. Then they are thrown together in a prank war, and all his potent masculinity is focused on her. He makes her burn to let loose, but how can she and still be responsible for Granny and set a good example?

Warning: A terribly lonely vampire, a conflicted schoolmarm with a caged wild side, nosy roommates and the female version of a bromance, not to mention scorching sex, swearing with the **** filled in, a whole town full of busybodies—and the best April Fools joke ever.


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Guest Blogger Maggie Kelley is here + a Giveaway!

I’m super happy to have my friend and debut author, Maggie Kelley here with us today! She’s taking over the blog with a  wonderful post on why she loves New York. And to celebrate her new release, she’s got a giveaway, too. Welcome, Maggie!


I <3 NYC. Yep, just like the famous 1977 ad campaign, I love the Big Apple. But it wasn’t love at first sight. Not by a longshot.

I made my first solo trip to the city as a clueless, teenaged actress auditioning for a spot in the BFA program at NYU. Coming from a bedroom community in Pennsylvania, let’s just say, Manhattan challenged my under-developed survival instincts. If I’d been wearing a sign that said, New in Town, From the Midwest, Take my Money, I couldn’t have been more of a mark. No surprise then that a few steps beyond the yellow cab that had dropped me on the corner of Broadway and Scared Shitless, I got schooled by one of NY’s native creatures, the three-card Monty con man. I lost eighty bucks in three blocks. Clearly, I was not ready for primetime.

Five years later, twenty-something and oh-so-much wiser, I made the rounds in Manhattan, auditioning for a role on soap opera, cruising Canal Street for trendy, down-and-dirty fashions and falling in love with my requisite actor-boyfriend. We enjoyed the view from the rooftop garden of his apartment until it the day it became painfully clear that he and I were over. When that finally dawned on me, I bought a pack of Camels and caught the fast train over to Boston.

NYC and I were finished. Forever. For good. That is…until years later when one of my besties decided to get married in Central Park and asked my husband and I to serve as witnesses. Just like that, NY and I were back on speaking terms.

The wedding was small and sweet. My friend had found a new-age officiant online who married them near a bridge in the park at dusk. Afterward, we toasted their marriage with celebratory glasses of champagne and way too many selfies and during the cab ride back to our hotel, as my first baby jostled around in my belly, I finally fell in love with New York.

My debut novel, Breaking the Bachelor, is set in the city and in one of my favorite scenes, the hero and heroine take a snowy, nighttime stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, something that’s definitely on my bucket list.

But what about you? Do you love NYC? What’s your favorite city in the world? Do you have a romantic moment on your life’s to do list? Leave a comment to let me know and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win a $5 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. Thank you so much for stopping by! And thanks as well to the wonderful Robin Bielman for inviting me to Magical Musings to share my love affair with NYC. (Robin here – the giveaway ends on Friday, April 3. I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments section on Saturday, the 4th.)

About Breaking the Bachelor

Cover BtBGoaded by her competition, matchmaker Jane Wright makes a very public
bet that she can find the “perfect” match for Manhattan’s hottest
confirmed bachelor—sexy-as-sin bartender Charlie Goodman. Unfortunately,
Charlie is also Jane’s ex-lover, a man she broke up with on a cocktail
napkin. With her company on the line, Jane has no choice but to convince
the man of her most impractical dreams to dive back into the dating pool.

Charlie doesn’t want to see Jane’s business fail. He just wants a little
revenge. Determined to prove to Jane that chemistry always beats
compatibility algorithms, he plans to drive her crazy with desire…then
walk away. And his plan is working. A little too well, actually. Because
even as Jane scrambles to calculate Charlie’s best match, the heat
building between combusts. But Charlie’s been so busy outsmarting Cupid
that he hasn’t noticed he’s the naughty cherub’s next target…

Amazon | BN | iTunes | Kobo

About Maggie…

CAURWLY3After ten years of survival, aka working, in Hollywood, this former actress and current author of sexy contemporary romance is living happily-ever-after in Pittsburgh with her longtime sweetie, and their two punky kids. When not carpooling to birthday parties or testing her gourmet cooking skills by throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Maggie daydreams about sneaking off to the Vegas or Napa, or even just the movies. A love of red wine, Italian food, and music round out her list of life’s greatest joys. Oh, and Tuesday night karaoke, totally underrated fun.

Find Maggie Here:   @kelley_maggie     Facebook      Website

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April Fools For Love–romance with a bit of fun

So about nine months ago (as I remember it), one of my author friends suggested a group of us who write both hot and funny get together to do a set. She said there were all sorts of boxed sets for weddings and Christmas and Valentine’s Day–so why not break the mold and do one for April Fools’ Day?

Since this was nine months in the future, I blithely said “Sure!” and filed it mentally under to-do. I came up with an idea pretty quickly, mentally filed it under to-do as well, and got on with a more long-term project.

Fast forward to January. The long-term project deadline was moved up to March 1, and suddenly the April Fools’ Day project has to be squeezed into two weeks. (Insert screaming, panicking author here :) )

Sometimes the best diamonds come under pressure. Meet my school teacher/bar maid Serendipity “Sera” Braun in her brand-new release, Biting Serendipity: April Fools For Love. Just $0.99 for a limited time!

Check out the other great April Fools For Love stories releasing today and tomorrow.


And do come to our Facebook party! April 9, sign up today.

BitingSerendipity3x4.5Best April Fools joke ever—falling in love.

Serendipity “Sera” Braun wears glasses and a bun to teach during the day, but at night, she adds a breast-plumping vest and dirndl for her job hoisting beer steins at Nieman’s Bar. The big, leather-vest-and-earringed Viking bouncer? He’s bedsheets waiting to get sweaty, but all he does is scowl at her. She’s trying to keep her geriatric stripper of a granny from breaking a hip, but it’s hard when she keeps getting distracted by that sexy, smoky baritone.

Thorvald Thorsson is bitingly lonely—every vampire around him is mating. But his ex-fiancée rejected him as a killjoy (her exact words were he ate rules and s*** misery), so it’s high time Fun Thor comes out to play. No way he’d pair up with the cute but too-serious little schoolmarm who waits tables at the bar.

Sera bridles the wicked, delicious things she’d like to do with the muscular Viking, suppressing herself until she’s a volcano about to blow. Then they are thrown together in a prank war, and all his potent masculinity is focused on her. He makes her burn to let loose, but how can she and still be responsible for Granny and set a good example?

Warning: A terribly lonely vampire, a conflicted schoolmarm with a caged wild side, nosy roommates and the female version of a bromance, not to mention scorching sex, swearing with the **** filled in, a whole town full of busybodies—and the best April Fools joke ever.

This story contains material intended for mature audiences. Reader discretion advised.


What about you? Do you find a looming deadline helps or hurts?

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The Friends You Make Along The Way

I spent this past weekend at the RWA California Dreamin’ Writers Conference and had such a fantastic time. It was so great that I forgot to take pictures. I forgot to tweet. I forgot to check Facebook. Email? What’s email? Forgot about that, too. I totally unplugged and hung out with my writer friends.

And oh, how awesome it was. We laughed. We shared what we knew and what we didn’t know. We went to wonderful workshops given by our peers. We talked books and family and movies and firemen. We ate. We drank. We learned something new about each other and we made new friends.


For three days I was blessed to be with many of the smart, brilliant, kind, and funny friends I’ve made along my writing journey. The time I get to spend with them and learn from them and share with them is priceless. They are the most important part of my writer’s toolbox.

Because if the writing was gone tomorrow they’d still be my friends.

Sylvia Day was the Keynote Speaker at Sunday’s lunch and she gave an amazing speech. One of the most important things she wanted us to take away was to be fearless. I think this applies to everybody, no matter what you do. And no matter how you spend each day, your friends are there to remind you that fear is a four-letter word not in your vocabulary.

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ ~Mary Anne Radmacher

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Surprise new release by Dale Mayer!

Hi everyone,

Usually I have my work mapped out a few weeks in advance. However due to an over booking of editors, I was required to hustle my buns and pull out another book (one I wrote last year but never had a chance to revise) and get it ready for this second editor.

The good news is I did and surprise, surprise, it’s actually been through multiple rounds of editors, proofreaders and beta readers and is already live at most places! :)



Time has a way of solving many problems – but it also has a way of creating many more…

Sari grew up with a secret that involved her missing father… The only other person who knows the truth refuses to acknowledge it. Sari can’t forget what happened. Ever. She lost someone she loved.

Fifteen years later, the possibility of reversing the series of events drives her to keep searching for answers. Especially now that she’s finally returned to where it all happened and with the people – one in particular – that she’d been forced to leave behind.

Fifteen years ago, Ward was devastated when Sari’s mother fled to France with Sari. Even at ten, they’d been sweethearts. But the mystery of what happened back then had lain fallow… waiting for someone to stir up the soil. And damn if Sari wasn’t the best at doing just that…

Sari and Ward are out of time. Can they solve the mystery of what happened? Or do they become the next victims…

Available now at Amazon and coming soon to Google Play, iTunes, B&N, Smashwords and Kobo!

Do you like surprises reader? Or are you the kind that needs lots of warning? I have 4 kids and they are split right down the middle on that issue. :)

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