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Descriptions that give you chills

In my work-in-progress, a stand-alone Dragon Blues novella titled Dragon Mama Blues, my dragon-man hero plays blues on a tenor saxophone. This is one of my favorite instruments, yet at one point, I wanted to describe the sound of a … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Day – and Free Books!

I have a bundle with my internet provider. It also covers our land phone and our cable TV. So when there’s a problem with the provider, all three of that goes out. Those problems have been occurring daily lately, and … Continue reading

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Free Books!

I promised to do a giveaway every month. Author friends whose writing I love have free books – some permanently free. I have a novel and some short stories permafree most places, too. So my blog today is a list … Continue reading

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Free books!

This is a happy time for readers with their first – or new – ereaders. They’re finding books by their favorite authors that aren’t available in physical stores anymore – and many are also discovering new authors because of free … Continue reading

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The Emotional Language of Colors

In this fascinating (to me) video, Adam Alter, author of the book Drunk Tank Pink, says that “Drunk Tank Pink” is a shade of color that’s found to be very calming. I love bits of knowledge like this, and I … Continue reading

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Edie Ramer’s Story

Today, we have our very own Edie Ramer’s story on her writer’s journey.  Edie is one of the founding members of MagicalMusings and like all of us, followed a difficult road to publication.  Deciding to go the indie route, Edie … Continue reading

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The Entangled Anthology: One Year On

A year ago, due to the hard work and dedication of friend and author, Edie Ramer, as well as a host of others, a very special anthology was published. ENTANGLED is a labor of love, with ten short stories and … Continue reading

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Falling in Love in 1/5 of a Second

My books almost always have a love story in them, and often the attraction starts at first sight. I suspect most people have experienced this in one degree or another. I’ve heard jokes mocking the ‘love at first sight’ notion, … Continue reading

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Ghost Movies – Dead On or No Way In Hell?

Congratulations Jennifer August on winning When Ghosts Speak and Dead People! I’m a big fan of ghost stories and movies. A minor character in my next Kali Sweet book, SWEET CHAOS, is able to see and talk to ghosts. While … Continue reading

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