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Leap of Faith by Misty Evans

In the past two years, I’ve taken several leaps of faith with my career and with my personal life. Unfortunately, I ended up like a certain cartoon character, pinwheeling my legs in midair and crashing to the ground in a … Continue reading

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Guest Author Stacey Joy Netzel on Parental Pride

I am so pleased to welcome author and friend Stacey Joy Netzel. I’ve been a fan of Stacey’s since discovering her Welcome To Redemption series of short, sweet romances (I don’t write short, but I read them like eating candy!). … Continue reading

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Sh*t My Characters Say by Misty Evans

I always enjoy stories in which a character has a certain saying or proverb I’ve never heard before. Maybe the character is Italian or Catholic, has been in prison, or reads the urban dictionary at breakfast. These characters, with their … Continue reading

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The Italian Crock Pot by Selena Robins + Giveaway!

Congratulations to Savannah Miller. You are the winner of WHAT A GIRL WANTS by Selena Robins! Not to be confused with The Italian Crack Pot, as I had accidentally typed crack pot, but decided to proofread one more time before … Continue reading

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Special Things

I was emptying the dishwasher, putting away the stainless steel flatware we’ve had since we got married.  And the thought hit me, as it does every time I empty the dishwasher— I hate this flatware. Don’t get me wrong.  It’s … Continue reading

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