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The year 2014 started off well for me. I published one new book and two novellas. I had stories in four new bundles – and was even in charge of one. This brought me to the beginning of fall where … Continue reading

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Thank You & a Fond Farewell

This is a day that has been long coming, but I’d been trying to put it off because I love Magical Musings and ALL of the people involved with it — each of my fellow writers and every one of … Continue reading

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Gratitude…and Embracing Whatever 2014 Brings

I’ll admit, 2013 was full of surprises. Some of them were really pleasant and unbelievably exciting. Some were disappointing or heart-wrenchingly sad. Some were just unexpected challenges thrown in front of me or in the path of someone I love. … Continue reading

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The First 5 Things I’m Thankful For…

“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others.” ~ The Dalai Lama Thanksgiving has been my favorite national holiday for as long as I can remember, and not just because of the turkey, the mashed potatoes … Continue reading

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Post-Thanksgiving Thank-Yous

Today is “Black Friday” here in the States, but I won’t be out shopping. Don’t worry, I’ve done my part to help the economy already. (This year I vowed I’d get most of my Christmas shopping done in November!) Thing is, I’ve … Continue reading

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