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Favorite Heroes

I just realized that I’ve been seeing a lot of contractor heroes in contemporary romances. I’ve actually thought of having a contractor hero in my books, but so far I haven’t. I wonder what makes them so attractive. Maybe the … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Hero?

In my current book, the 4th Rescued Hearts novel, the hero is a doctor and a widower, with a young teenage daughter who isn’t doing well emotionally – and I couldn’t get a handle on him. I didn’t want him … Continue reading

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Second Chances, New Books, & Bling!

Second chances… Starting over. Getting a another chance to make a good impression. Recovering from a mistake or failure. My latest sexy spy thriller, THE BLOOD CODE, releases today, and I’m super excited to FINALLY share this story with my … Continue reading

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From Anti-hero to Hero? by Guest Author Tracey Devlyn

Please welcome the amazing and talented Tracey Devlyn to Magical Musings today. I absolutely love this post about how her latest story came about. Anti-heroes – you know, the really damaged guys – always get to me! Take it away, Tracey! First … Continue reading

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Baby You Can Drive My Car

Shopping is a major Christmas activity, right?  And what better thing to be shopping for than a car? Not that my husband and I planned to make a new car our big Christmas gift to each other.  It’s just that … Continue reading

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Do Our Heroes Have Receding Hair?

Chest hair, that is. Yes, it’s an odd question to kick off a blog, but I figure every woman (and maybe more than a few men) have an opinion. I hold nothing against a bare-chested hero like Kris Kennedy’s DEFIANT … Continue reading

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Loners and Gatherers

Anyone who knows me knows I’m organized. I also love to label things (that’s part of organization, after all!).  And labels that allow me to lump something unequivocally into one pile or the other?  Score!! I used this theory on … Continue reading

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Holding Out For A Hero

I love renegades. In movies, in books, in songs. The underdog who goes against impossible odds to save the world, save the day, save the girl (or guy). Heck, I even like the renegade who isn’t saving anything but the … Continue reading

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What’s sexy to you?

I was talking to someone about men I think are sexy — Gerard Butler, Alan Rickman and Antonio Banderas — and I realized their voices do it for me. Listening to them turns me into a warm puddle. Just thinking … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Lori Devoti

Why writing an Alpha Male is not the same as writing an A$$hole When I first decided I wanted to try and write a book for the then new Silhouette Nocturne line I had nothing to go on but the … Continue reading

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