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A Cookie for Springtime & a Giveaway!

YAY! At long, long last…spring is (technically) here! Of course, as I type this, the weather looks hardly welcoming in my region of the country (northern Illinois). It’s rainy and overcast with a chiller of a wind…so I’m not convinced … Continue reading

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Book Club Love

I love book clubs. As a reader, it’s just tremendously fun to have an excuse to get together with friends, chat about stories, drink wine and eat tasty food all night. As an author, it’s nothing short of a huge … Continue reading

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A Visit with Freelance Editor Anita Mumm

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you all to a friend and a wonderful publishing professional — Anita Mumm! She’s a freelance editor based in Denver, Colorado, and before starting her editing business, Mumm’s the Word (LOVE that name!), she worked … Continue reading

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The Things That Move Us

There was a chat on Twitter this week about Super Bowl commercials — ones that were especially memorable because they were really humorous or really touching. It reminded me of something a well-known New York editor once said at a … Continue reading

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Gratitude…and Embracing Whatever 2014 Brings

I’ll admit, 2013 was full of surprises. Some of them were really pleasant and unbelievably exciting. Some were disappointing or heart-wrenchingly sad. Some were just unexpected challenges thrown in front of me or in the path of someone I love. … Continue reading

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For the Holidays…Let Them Eat Cake!

Edie came up with the fabulous idea to share recipes on the blog in preparation for the holidays and, well, I’m a really big fan of food, so… I’ve referenced lots of tasty dishes in my novels, just because I … Continue reading

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The Road to You…Available Now!

It’s been hard to keep up with everything going on this month! My Magical Musings sisters have LOTS of new, wonderful books out (!!), so my Kindle is now bursting! My son just had his first set of high-school midterms … Continue reading

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On the Road

Because the book that I have coming out in a few weeks involves a rather lengthy road trip — and because my family and I went on one of those (nearly 3,000 miles round trip!) this summer — cars have … Continue reading

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Research for Fun & Profit

A while ago, Marilyn Brant took part in a Austenesque Pride & Prejudice “Choose Your Own Adventure” round robin. I read her segment, and loved it. I was not surprised. I’d noticed she has that “Austen voice” in her books; … Continue reading

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I Could Have Danced All Night (+ a Giveaway!)

Recently, my husband and I roped our high-school-aged son into watching the classic movie musical “My Fair Lady” with us. Before he was born, we’d not only seen the film, but we’d watched the play onstage a couple of times, including one … Continue reading

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