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Friday Finds

All the bloggers here at Magical Musings are thrilled to introduce Friday Finds, which we will be running every Friday. In Friday Finds, we’ll be providing a list of books that have become free, are on special offer, new releases, … Continue reading

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Heroines Among Us with Giveaway

Random.org picked Elena K as the winner of the $10 gift card. Congratulations, Elena! As authors, we write about heroes – men and women – but lately I’ve been inspired by authors who are a part of the Magical Musical … Continue reading

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Books Like Food

I’m going through changes in my reading and my writing. I used to binge read in categories. After a while, they all started to feel the same, so I have to switch off what I read. Lately, I’ve discovered Robyn … Continue reading

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Setting the Scene

In my last blog post, Walking the Streets of Fiction, I talked about visiting the places in London where the action in my upcoming novel, A Dangerous Madness, takes place. But getting the ‘map’ of the novel is only part … Continue reading

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Release Parties, Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter – Thoughts?

I’ve been a guest on some very successful Facebook release parties, but I’m a little disillusioned about Facebook because posts need to be boosted in order to be visible to the majority of the page owner’s followers. I’m not the … Continue reading

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Walking the Streets of Fiction

I just shared the cover of my upcoming historical novel, A Dangerous Madness, a couple of days ago. I absolutely love it, and think it suits the book so well. A Dangerous Madness is connected to The Emperor’s Conspiracy and … Continue reading

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All the Books I’ve Loved Before

On one of my online groups, some of the members were talking about their comfort reads – books they loved and read again and again. The book titles weren’t given, just the authors. Georgette Heyer was probably the most mentioned. … Continue reading

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Free Books!

I promised to do a giveaway every month. Author friends whose writing I love have free books – some permanently free. I have a novel and some short stories permafree most places, too. So my blog today is a list … Continue reading

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Giveaway Day!

Two giveaways for you today! The first is Michelle’s cover reveal giveaway for The Golden Apple, and then scroll down for a second giveaway for Mary Hughes’s latest release: MICHELLE DIENER GIVEAWAY To post this Cover Reveal and add your … Continue reading

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Free books!

This is a happy time for readers with their first – or new – ereaders. They’re finding books by their favorite authors that aren’t available in physical stores anymore – and many are also discovering new authors because of free … Continue reading

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