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Resolutions (With Giveaway)

Update: Our giveaway winner is…Janet Kerr! Congrats!!! Did you make some this year?  I always try to make a few, and *sometimes* I even manage to stick to them. I make my “big” resolutions, the dream ones, and I make … Continue reading

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Out With the Old and In With the New

Happy New Year, everyone!  I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. Heck, I’ve already mastered the skill of writing 2013 on the dates on checks, but this is my first blog of the new year.  I didn’t make a lot … Continue reading

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Doing The Hard Thing

It’s February and maybe a few of you, like me, are having a hard time sticking with the resolutions you made less than six weeks ago.  Let’s face it, we resolve to do certain things for one reason: we don’t want … Continue reading

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Hit the Refresh Button

Happy New Year!  I love the idea of new beginnings. A blank calendar with 365 days of opportunity that stretch before me like an open road. I always make a monstrous list of goals, try to shake off any negativity … Continue reading

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New Year, New You? Life On A Short List

Welcome to 2012! Will the world end on December 12? Will the Kardashians take over before then? Will hell actually freeze over when the Cubs win the World Series? I don’t have any predictions about the world in 2012. Nor … Continue reading

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