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4/1: 4 for 1 and 1 for all! — Guests Roxy Mews, S.L. Carpenter and Kayleigh Malcolm

Tomorrow is, in US terms, 4/1. Across the world it’s April first, better known as April Fools. It’s the officialâ„¢ holiday of that fun pack of authors, those April Fools For Love, Roxy Mews, S.L. Carpenter, Jodi Redford and Mary Hughes, … Continue reading

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Neither Rain Nor Sleet…

Working on an edit deadline, I decided to wait until I had the time to properly put together a post for today. I even had a topic, I just wanted to have a clear schedule to find the right words. … Continue reading

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My God Complex and Dealing With The Devil

I was raised in a Southern Baptist household and cut my teeth on Old Testament stories full of the Devil and damnation. Having an active imagination and a strong desire to find good in everyone, I was particularly taken by … Continue reading

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