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3,652 Days

Last week was the ten-year anniversary of the day I received The Call and sold my very first book. (I brought cake for everyone today! Calorie free!) It seems like eons ago, as my teenagers were toddlers, and we’ve lived … Continue reading

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The Coast Guard–Badasses? Who Knew?

The motto on their website is Born Ready and, boy, does that sound heroic.  I have recently been researching the Coast Guard (CG) for my To Protect and Serve ongoing series with Harlequin Romantic Suspense under my Karen Anders pen … Continue reading

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Gray Matter Matters

I consider myself pretty lucky. I have two jobs, fiction writing and copyediting (well, two jobs plus if you count technical writing separately), and I love both of them. Truly. I’m frequently asked which one I like best, and I … Continue reading

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The Devil Is In The Research – Guest Blog by Diane Gaston

Most of the ladies here at Magical Musings are not writing historical romance, so what can I, a historical author contribute to their blog? I thought I’d talk about research. Research is obviously essential when you are writing a historical. … Continue reading

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Romance Writing Tips I Learned From Adult Entertainment

Yes, I’m going there and I’m calling it research because, in truth, it is. As a romance writer, it’s daunting to write love scenes and keep them fresh. Therefore, viewing adult films (Yes, whispered this would be porn.) or erotica … Continue reading

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The Woman Cave a.k.a. My Writing Haven

I was reading a book a few months ago about how to tidy up forever and get rid of stuff you don’t really need.  I am the first one to admit that I have a lot of stuff.  I am … Continue reading

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A Pearl for Your Fantasy

You’ve won a million dollars! Ever wonder what you’d do? Would you buy a sexy negligee or a Maserati? Take an island cruise? Make a loan to a favorite relative? One of the questions authors are asked is, “Where do … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Writing…and Coffee

People ask all the time, “where do you get your inspiration?” I give them the standard speech about being inspired by rainbows, puppy dogs, my husband, and life in general. My real answer should be…”Coffee.” Others ask, “how do you … Continue reading

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Nano-Am I Nuts? By Guest Blogger Susan Edwards

Here it is, November, one of the busiest months of the year. Thanksgiving is around the corner, stores are hammering us with Christmas items we can’t live without, we’re making travel and holiday plans and if you’re a writer, there’s … Continue reading

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Everything Old is New Again — Guest Lori Handeland plus Double Giveaway!

I’m a huge fan of Lori’s books, so I was thrilled when she agreed to be my guest. Lori is a NYTimes/USA Today bestseller/Multiple RITA winner. I’m celebrating her visit today with a giveaway–any two of Lori’s ebooks to one … Continue reading

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