Skin – Yes, another new release!

Hi everyone,

I find it hard to believe but this is yet another new release for me – and in a way, one that is very special to my heart. I hadn’t planned on writing a contemporary romance as I love getting lost in my twisted thrillers and romantic suspense. Maybe it was coming off of writing lighter books as in my Broken Protocols series or maybe I just couldn’t stop thinking about a woman so full of pain, so full of hope and so ready to make change happen in her life – that I just couldn’t resist.

This is a story of healing. A story of rising above and going the distance to do what needs to be done. It might make you laugh, it might make you cringe. It might even make you cry – as you smile through the tears. What it will do for sure – is make you feel.

SKIN by Dale Mayer

Skin R1.1

A journey of exploration…

A journey of healing…

A journey of love…

Two people are forced by circumstances into a therapy class to help them deal with their problems. They are strangers. Forced to be partners. Naturally opposites.

Kane is dealing with anger of betrayal at the deepest level, needing to find his way back to forgiveness. Tania is a previous rape victim hoping to deal with her fear of intimacy so she can have a loving relationship.

Tania’s medium of expression – her camera.

Her subject – the human body – Kane’s physical body.

Looking through the lens of a camera, she learns to find beauty and compassion…and the strength to find wholeness…with him.



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Guest author – Kristine Mason!

Please welcome my friend and fellow author Kristine Mason!

Are you afraid of the laundry room?

The laundry room evokes many emotions for me…frustration, disgust and, yes, fear. I’m afraid of what lurks inside, especially during football season. The shoulder pads that smell like sweaty, dirty boys, the jocks that had been tossed on the floor, the muddy, stinky cleats. This room frustrates me because I have baskets to house the football equipment, only my three boys can’t seem to grasp the concept that everything has a place. This room disgusts me (remember the jocks?). But am I really afraid of my laundry room? Okay, fear is a strong word, but I do dread going in there. Since it’s the easiest way to get to the garage, I have no choice but to face what I truly dread.

My three-year-old daughter doesn’t fully understand the concept of fear, but she’s finding things that do scare her and I’ve had to find ways to reassure her that, for example, the sounds at night are just crickets singing (she’s still unconvinced and refuses to sleep with the window open). Then there’s my middle son who won’t go to sleep with the window open because what if a robber uses a ladder to climb the roof and comes through his window (I’m seeing a trend with open windows)?

I recently Googled how to overcome fear and came across several articles that all gave similar advice: A: Analyze your fear and define it. In other words, what’s your fear and what triggers it? How does it affect you? Is it dangerous or life threatening? What would be the outcome if you faced your fear? B: Don’t let fear control you. Numb yourself to those fears and confront them. C: Don’t allow your fear to hold power over you. One site I looked at suggested to “make your fears a source of fascination” and discover why your fear holds so much power over you.

When I was a kid, like my middle son, I was afraid of someone sneaking into my room, and terrified of horror movies. I could remember hating Halloween because horror movies would be airing during that week. I would become physically sick when I checked the Sunday paper TV guide and saw that Halloween or Jaws was going to be airing. Don’t even get me started on The Exorcist. That fear stayed with me until college. I can’t remember what the course I’d taken was, but I do remember that the professor had analyzed The Exorcist as a way to give the class a better understanding of how subliminal messages can affect people and, in the case of this particular movie, arouse fear. If you pause The Exorcist at certain points in the movie you’ll see these creepy flashes of a white, skeletal face. The first time I saw it, my skin crawled with unease, but it did waylay my fears to a degree and it turned my fear of horror movies into a fascination. I began watching them, studying them and had come to love them. Now when I put on a horror flick, I’m ready, waiting and wondering…will this movie scare me? Some do, but most don’t. Slasher films are meh, demonic ones? Well, those tend to scare the crap out of me. The Paranormal Activity movies had me very tense. I think taking ordinary people, living in the burbs and having strange things happening in the house is beyond creepy.

Now, I don’t write horror. I write romantic suspense. But one of the great things about a good horror movie is the suspense. You know something is going to happen. The music is telling you to prepare yourself (or in the case of Paranormal Activity it’s the time stamp on the video camera), and yet when that scare moment happens, I still get all jumpy.

I might be over my fear of horror movies, but I have plenty of other fears. Bridges and heights terrify me. Going past my knees in ocean or lake water, being stranded on the side of the road late at night with nothing but woods surrounding me and no cell phone reception. But if you want to know what really scares me…it’s in my latest release Ultimate Fear (Book 2 Ultimate CORE). I’ll give you a hint. I’m a mother of four.

So…what’s your ultimate fear? One day next week I’ll be posting more of mine on Facebook and Twitter and asking people to tell me what they fear the most. One commenter will receive a signed copy of my new release Ultimate Fear. So like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Tell me what scares you and enter for a chance to win a copy of my book. I’m anxious to read what people fear the most…dying, the dark, spiders, snakes…or maybe what lurks inside your laundry room?

barnesnoble-coverUltimate Fear—Kristine Mason

When a deranged mother’s grief drives her to replace her dead son over and over, obsession leads to murder…

Chicago detective Jessica Donavan will never stop looking for her missing daughter. Her obsession has destroyed her marriage, but the search is the only thing that helps keep her sane and her mind off of everything she’s lost—her husband and her baby girl. When she uncovers a string of unsolved disappearances and reappearances of a number of baby boys, Jessica turns to her soon to be ex, Dante Russo, a former Navy SEAL turned investigator for the private agency, CORE, to help her fit together the pieces in this perplexing puzzle. But as Dante helps her, she realizes just how much she still craves his support—and his touch.

Dante is still in love with his wife and would do anything to have her back in his life again. He’s been miserable since she left him to deal with the grief over their daughter’s abduction, never understanding how much he grieves as well. When Jessica tells him about the case she’s working, he jumps at the chance to take part in her investigation. He’s hoping not only to save their marriage and ease his personal pain over the loss of their daughter, but to stop a serial kidnapper from taking another victim.

As Jessica and Dante work side by side, pregnant women begin to turn up missing or dead, and they start to uncover the consequences of another woman’s unfathomable grief. The childless mother doesn’t just want a baby. She wants a newborn straight from the womb.

And when forced to confront the dark and twisted perversion of a mother’s obsession, can Jessica and Dante find their lives again…or merely more death?

Ultimate Fear is available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iTunes!

IMG_0234mason2Kristine Mason bio - I didn’t pick up my first romance novel until I was in my late twenties. Immediately hooked, I read a bazillion books before deciding to write one of my own. After the birth of my first son I needed something to keep my mind from turning to mush, and Sesame Street wasn’t cutting it. While that first book will never see the light of day, something good came from writing it. I realized my passion and found a career I love.

When I’m not writing contemporary romances and dark, romantic suspense novels (or reading them!) I’m chasing after my four kids and two neurotic dogs.


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Expanding the Love plus preview–plus Giveaway!

photo credit: Wondermonkey2k via photopin cc

This month’s Favorite Things has been pre-empted for a Special Announcement! The Favorite Things Countdown will return next month in its regular time slot. :)

I write mostly romance, and mostly first-meet. New couples just starting out on their love journey. It’s great, because I get to be with them in their first flush of attraction, the heart-pounding, giddy flowering stage.

But I don’t get to explore a lot of the meaty moments found as a couple’s relationship grows–and is tested. What if he snores? What about her cold feet at night? Why does she always insist on putting those ice cubes where he’s the warmest?

What do we name the baby?

Nixie’s lost her mojo!

So I’m thrilled when Biting Love readers ask for more Nixie and Julian. I get to deal with some of the same topics that make real, committed love work over time. July 30 I released the latest in their journey as a married couple, Murder at Chipmunk Lake. *Paranormal. Hot.*

Nixie Emerson, punk rock musician and first-time mom-to-be, has a stalker. Warning: contains a cranky pregnant lady trying to control her swearing, a master vampire appeasing his wife with food and creative sex, murder, mayhem and several arguments over what to name the baby.

Amazon B&N MACL Smashwords

NYTimes bestselling author Lori Handeland


Preview: Coming September 25! I’m thrilled that New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Handeland will be my guest.

GIVEAWAY! To celebrate, I’m giving away winner’s choice of two ebooks from Lori’s backlist.

Phoenix Chronicle, Nightcreature, Rock Creek Six…which would you choose? See her books here or view on Amazon or B&N.

To enter, just comment below. Let me know which is your favorite series, or if you’re new to Lori. Or tell me your favorite part of romance–first blush, making a home together, the golden years, or…?

Comment through Sunday. I’ll pick a random winner and announce on this post Monday, August 25.

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Surf’s Up!

Happy August everyone! It’s crazy how fast summer is flying by. I want to stop time. Like right now. I would not, however, have wanted to stop time two days ago. Because yesterday, the first book in my Kisses in the Sand series released! KEEPING MR. RIGHT NOW is a Red-Hot Bliss and I’m so, so excited for readers to meet Zane and Sophie. Since Zane is a pro surfer and it’s summertime, I thought I’d share a little surf speak with you today so you can be in-the-know the next time you’re at the beach.


Backdoor: This is where Zane takes off on a wave on the far side of the peak. Then he continues to surf through the barrel.

Blown Out: Where the onshore wind turns the surf into unrideable mush.

Carve: When Zane performs a long, smooth, often powerful longer turn.

Surfer On The Beach

Cheater Five: When Zane puts five toes over the nose of the board.

Epic: Top class surf or extremely good waves. Also used to describe an awesome wave or surf session. 

Goofy foot: If you stand with your right foot forward you’re a goofy footer! Zane is a goofy footer. A regular foot is a surfer who stands left foot forward. (It’s supposedly slightly more common.)

Grubbing: Falling off your board while surfing. This would be me.

Macker: Derived from Mac truck – it means a big wave.

Men In Grey Suits: SHARKS!!

Sex Wax: The best-known variety of surfboard wax. Made by Mr. Zog. He follows me on Twitter! Totally makes me smile.

Shaka: A common hand signal used by Zane and his surfer pals, with an extended thumb and little finger. Hang loose!

Here’s a picture of me and my Shaka with some writer pals at the RITA ceremony last month during the RWA conference. Yeah, I know I’m not at the beach, I’m just dorky.

IMG_0957Happy summer!!

Keeping Mr. Right Now CoverA temporary agreement neither could keep…

Brainy, organized Sophie Birch is no beach bunny. In fact, she’s totally out of her element among the sun-bronzed crowd at a film festival in beautiful White Strand Cove. When a surf lesson introduces her to Zane Hollander, suddenly she’s up close and personal with the world’s sexiest surf star. But what can a great-looking, experienced athlete possibly see in a klutzy out-of-towner who’s never set foot in the ocean?

Zane Hollander’s playboy reputation has never been a problem…until recently. Now his management team wants him on his best behavior to entice a meaningful new sponsor. Sophie Birch is the perfect girl to help reform his image. She’s genuine and respected—and their relationship is purely fictional. But the more Sophie blooms under the beachy sun, the more Zane knows he’ll just break her heart. Because nothing’s more important to Zane than following the tide. 

For a limited time the book is available for ONLY .$99!!

Amazon      Barnes & Noble      Kobo      iTunes


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courtesy of

courtesy of

What is this with entitlement, self-esteem and “you deserve (fill in the blank)”? I noticed this trend seemed to have appeared in the past ten or so years. Or its just the fact that I have a daughter and these little “self-esteem” issues seemed to pop up every time you turn around. Got a child in kindergarten? Well, you have to have a graduation into the grade school. This usually involves a dress cap and gown and a certificate is received. Excuse me … but, big whoop. We didn’t do anything like that in the olden days when I advanced from kindergarten to grade school and I like to think I turned out okay.

And, of course, the process continues when you go from grade or elementary school into high school. Used to be that the only graduation certificate you got was upon yo compleation This I gotta see

Oh, and we mustn’t damage his or her self-esteem. Who knows what damage you can unknowingly wrought in later years when she’s in therapy blaming the parents for every failure bad or short-coming he or she might manifest. Can you picture that? :lol:

Then there’s the “Getting what you deserve.” Since I now work part time, I’m home and watching more television. This subjects me to some pretty hokey commercials. The car commercials are bad enough, but when they throw in the law firms or the attorneys commercials, I just want to puke. These firms always manage to get their clients umpteen million dollars because “They deserve it.”

What’s your opinion on these entitlements? Me? I’m a believer in hard work and perseverance … which is probably the reason I’ll never be rich and famous :wink: . I can’t see having everything handed to me on a silver platter.

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The Laughter, The Fun, The Silence

I was all set to post something about rebooting old stories when the news of Robin Williams’ death hit me like a ton of bricks.  When I was a child I experienced my grandmother dying of cancer.  It was a tough time for me. I watched Mork and Mindy and for a time I escaped that sad time, I laughed and I was able to feel like the kid I was.  I wrote my first fan letter to Robin Williams (Mork) letting him know how much I loved him and the show and what it meant to me. I never thought I’d get anything in return. I didn’t even know that could happen.  But, one day something came in the mail.  It was a photo of him in his Mork outfit and on the back a line of encouragement that meant more to me at that time in my life than anyone could know.  I tacked the picture next to my bed where it remained long after my grandmother passed.

Listening to the radio today I heard something that really was quite profound for me. I know depression is an illness.  People wonder how someone like Robin Williams, who had so much laughter to give, so much life, could be so depressed that he took his own life.  Well, that’s like asking why good people get cancer.  No one asks for it. No one deserves it. They didn’t do something to get it. Sometimes, it just happens.  It totally sucks, but all you can do is hope someone finds help, and help them if you can.

There is help.  You need to know where to go for it, or where to go to help someone you love or know.  Know the signs.  Know you can’t “fix” it and are not to blame for it.  Here is a link for you-  Crisis Hotline.

There is a time for everything.  Now it is time to say goodbye.  But, don’t forget to hold on to the laughter, the fun, the good times that came before.  They are a cloak for your heart.

What was your favorite show, movie or funny line from the late, great Robin Williams?

You are free now genie

You are free now genie

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Once a month I meet with a small group of local indie authors. Just before this last time, I’d gotten a new carpet in my office, which had inspired me to get rid of a lot of stuff that I wasn’t using. I had a HUGE bag of cords from various devices that I gave to my cousin. I also had a stack of books on writing that I brought for my writer friends. We normally don’t talk about the craft of writing – we’re usually all about the business of writing. But as we walked to our table, the conversation turned to love as a character goal. I said that I don’t read books where the heroine’s goal is love. I like a meatier goal.

One of the authors disagreed, then she said she didn’t know why, as she’d never written a book with a goal for her character to fall in love. The other authors said the same thing. It’s just an insipid goal for me. It doesn’t compel me. I like a character to want something badly. Or to need something badly. We all need or want love. I think that’s a given. But as a goal, it’s not enough to drive a story.

Even in fairy tales, the goal isn’t really finding the prince. In Cinderella, her goal was getting away from her mean stepmother and stepsisters. The prince has a tiny part in the story. And I’ve said before that my favorite fairy tale is Puss in Boots. No love goals there. Just finding a really nice piece of real estate to live – and doing whatever you can to get the deal. The same reason that HGTV is one of my favorite channels.

Perhaps because my mother was widowed with five young children, the goals of my main characters in my contemporary romances are often finding a home, starting a business, a career, something to do with money (and pets!). Sometimes just survival. And if you look at this summer’s movies, it seems like we have a lot of super characters saving the world or our civilization. What can be more important than that?

One of my favorite movies is Love Actually. There are quite a few love stories in this movie, but I can think of only one that stemmed from the goal to find a love interest (and I think his goal wasn’t love but to find attractive women to shag). And I just remembered that the boy in the movie had love as a goal. So there was one true love goal.

Anyone know which two characters I’m talking about? What are your favorite character goals?

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A little more heat for the summer months!

Hi everyone! Once again, I have a new release to share. Of course, this is yet another anthology. So if you need a little more heat this summer let me introduce you to:


What To Read After Fifty Shades of Gray Gemstone Collection Part 4


[What to Read After Fifty Shades of Gray]

Buy at Amazon Buy at AmazonUK Buy for Nook Buy at Kobo Books

 Screenshot 2014-08-07 07.21.49

Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt
Mousy little Heidi is a wanna-be designer who works as nothing more than a glorified go-fer for one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world of fashion. When she accidentally stains CEO Warren Kaiser’s pants, she gets two things she didn’t expect—a spanking…and a job. Kaiser hires her as his assistant, and her “training” proves to be quite a test of surrender.

Yield To Me by Sarah Castille
Amateur MMA fighter, Marcy Foster is determined to win the state championship. But dark secrets and a broken trust mean there’s one submission she just can’t master. Fortunately Club Excelsior has hired a coach who knows all the right moves.

Sexy, confident and commanding, fight consultant Jax demands control, both in and out of the ring. But once he has Marcy against the ropes, Jax knows he’s in too deep. He has the dominance to give her what she needs, but once he unleashes her hidden passions, there’s no going back.

Under Jax’s skilled hands, Marcy submits to her deepest desires. But when her personal and professional worlds collide, she is forced to face a brutal truth — yielding to her darkest needs may be the one thing that costs her the fight…and her heart.

Finding Love’s Wings by Zoey Derrick
CAMERON ENDERS seems to have it all: a brand new condo in a city she loves, a top executive position at an international entertainment firm, an insane amount of money, and a gorgeous boyfriend. But when Cami catches the boyfriend in the act with another woman, it triggers all the anguish from years of neglect by her parents, and she realizes she never learned how to love or be loved. Cami flees to the remote tropical island of Tarah, but she can’t avoid facing her problems any longer when she meets the man of her fantasies…

Butterfly by Elle Harper (Sibel Hodge) 
Grace Elliot is falling apart. Overwhelming tragedy has turned her world into a dark and lonely place. She’s alive…but not living. Counsellor Ben Hardy is certain he can help Grace heal. Maybe it’s a way to rid himself of the demons haunting him from that one horrific night when his life shattered. When they meet, everything changes, and their pasts offer them a remedy to save each other.

Weekend at Wilderhope Manor by Lucy Felthouse
When Stephanie and Jenny go to a Murder Mystery Halloween weekend at Wilderhope Manor, they’re expecting fun and games. But following creaky floorboards, spooky noises and an alarming encounter in the Manor’s grounds, the girls begin to wonder if there’s more to Wilderhope Manor than meets the eye. As they find frequent comfort in one another’s arms — and their bed — will the girls discover what’s causing the bumps in the night, or will they run scared?

At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey
When Mia Strong, proud geek-girl and popular gaming blogger, auctions off her virginity online, she knows she’ll make waves. But what she will not be making is a love connection. Her rules are set in stone: One night. No further contact. It’s a desperate step, but it’s the only way she can go to medical school and pay her mother’s mounting hospital bills. Adam Drake, the enigmatic auction winner, is a software prodigy who made his first million at seventeen. Now, in his mid-twenties, he’s sexy, driven and—as CEO of his own gaming company—he’s used to making the rules. Before Mia knows what’s happening, he’s found the loophole in the rules of her auction. Every stipulation she’s made to protect her heart gets tossed by the wayside.

Closure by Kim Carmichael
There’s always the one…He’s one person throughout life you think about every so often, the one who leaves his unique indelible mark on you, the person with whom you need closure. For Margaret Collins that person was Mike Taylor. After he broke her heart seventeen years ago, she left everything she knew and reinvented herself. With a new home, a new look and a new name, Riley Williams is now an up and coming journalist given the assignment to interview a Mike Taylor. She never suspected he would be her Mike Taylor. With Mike having no hint of Riley’s true identity, she must decide if she will make him pay for sins he doesn’t remember committing, or if she can wipe away the past and be with the one man who she has always wanted?

Devil’s Kiss Trilogy by Gemma James
Kayla Sutton faces a question no mother wants to face: what would you do to save your daughter? Broke and desperate, she siphons thousands from the company she works for to pay for her daughter’s life-saving treatment, but when Gage Channing discovers her theft, she learns her boss has no intention of turning her over to the police. Instead, he issues an ultimatum—submit to him, or go to jail. As her daughter’s life hangs in the balance, Kayla must dig deep to find the strength to travel down the path of pain and pleasure. But when her past catches up to her, prompting a free fall into forbidden territory with a man she once loved, she knows her only recourse is to come clean and beg her Master’s forgiveness. INCLUDES: Ultimatum, Enslaved, Retribution.

Touched By Death by Dale Mayer
Anthropologist Jade Hansen returns to Haiti to face the demons of her past and finds herself back in the path of danger…and falling in love with a man who’s in the middle of it all.

Visiting his brother after the quake, independent contractor Dane Carter puts his life on hold to help the sleepy town of Jacmel rebuild. But he finds it hard to like his brother’s pregnant wife or her family. He wants to go home, until he meets Jade – and realizes what’s missing in his own life.

When the mortuary team begins work, it’s as if malevolence has been released from the earth. Instead of laying her ghosts to rest, Jade finds herself confronting death and terror again. And the man who unexpectedly awakens her heart — is right in the middle of it all.

Just Another Day At The Office by Hedonist Six
It’s Cath’s first day at the new job, and she’s feeling overwhelmed. Her colleague, John, is able to set her pulse racing just with his presence, while their sleazy boss, Richard, seems unable to grasp that she’s not into him. John is used to being ignored, or worse, by the opposite sex. When new girl, Cath, tries to get his attention, he reacts in the only way he knows how: with suspicion. Can she convince him he truly is the man of her dreams?

Summer’s Journey by Summer Daniels
Join Summer on her journey of sexual self-discovery; a well written, intelligent and sexy series about the beginning of her sensual, sultry love affair with life, and all the joys of being a woman.

This collection from many NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors is available NOW!

Buy Now:

Buy at Amazon Buy at AmazonUK Buy for Nook Buy at Kobo Books

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Welcome Paula Altenburg + a Giveaway!

I’m so happy to have my friend and fellow Bliss author, Paula Altenburg, here with us today! Paula is one of the smartest, wittiest people I know and I love what she’s sharing with us today. She’s also giving away a copy of her book, DESIRE BY DESIGN. Details below! Thanks for joining us, Paula!

Ill-Conceived Life Choices

By Paula Altenburg

Welcome to a writer’s world.

We’re not well known for our good judgment. In a business that involves a high level of uncertainty, and with the majority of circumstances beyond our control, we’re forced to blaze our own trails rather than following a clear-cut path to professional success. Sometimes we end up in beautiful meadows filled with flowers and sunshine and singing birds.

Most days we’re chased through the bushes by bears. In the rain. At midnight.

Our entire lives are riddled with poor judgment.

I’m sure elementary school teachers can spot a blossoming writer with ease. When the class lines up for a fire drill and is told turn to the right at the exit, the young writer goes left, then stands there, confused. When the teacher asks the class to write about what they did on their summer vacation, the young writer writes about where their mind went, not necessarily what their body did. My Grade One teacher wrote in my report card: “Paula writes too many thrillers.” My English teacher mother wrote back: “Paula can write what she wants.”

What’s also odd is that I seem to have worn out my interest in thrillers in Grade One, because I have no interest in writing them anymore. At the time I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I grew up. See what I mean about ill-conceived life choices?

I fought being a writer. To me, it looked like a lot of hard work for little reward. (Turns out I was right.)

I remember sitting on a city bus in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, stressing about declaring my university major. I had to make a choice, yet nothing quite grabbed me. I probably should have chosen English, but History looked interesting. But everyone takes English and History, so I started to flip through the course catalogue, got to Cultural Anthropology, and had a winner. It was close to History, but just different enough to keep me interested for an entire degree program. The whole decision making process took me fifteen minutes. Maybe. It never occurred to me to consider my future job prospects.

There’s step number one to becoming a writer, by the way. Make sure you limit your options for anything else.

So began a lifetime of acquiring skills but no direction. The only thing I’ve never abandoned is writing, and writing is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, as well as the least fiscally rewarding. Yet I continue.

Fortunately, my characters don’t need to suffer from any severe writer affliction. Cass, the heroine in my current release Her Secret, His Surprise, has her act together. She’s an engineer. She knows what she wants out of life and she goes for it. Not even an accidental pregnancy will slow her down. The only thing that throws off her life plan is Logan, the baby’s father. While she thinks he’s pretty hot, she also thinks he lacks direction in his life.

Logan has plenty of direction. He simply can’t discuss it with Cass, so when he finds out he has a daughter, that limitation drives him crazy. He’s investigating her company, and her department in particular, on a matter involving government security. Logan is the Canadian version of a spy.

My poor judgment in the decision making process is actually a real asset when writing because I can empathize with my characters and their mistakes. I can also be useful to them. My favorite Jack Colton line from the movie Romancing the Stone: “Okay, Joan Wilder, write us out of this one.”

I can totally do that.

Writers may make ill-conceived life choices, but our characters benefit from all the lessons we’ve learned. Cass and Logan sure did.

 Her-Secret-His-Surprise-199x300Conflict of interest is an understatement…

Since being disowned by her strict father, Cass Stone has spent her adulthood trying to prove him wrong. Her drive has led to more success than her family ever thought she’d achieve, and life is looking great. Not even an incredible and mysterious one night stand that leaves her a single mom can trip her up…until the father of her baby stumbles back into her life, as sexy and unreliable as ever.

Logan Alexander hasn’t forgotten the night he spent with Cass two years ago, but he never expects to end up undercover as her assistant. His job saves lives—like it should have saved his brother—and he can’t afford complications. It’s difficult enough to maintain his cover as a carefree wanderer when he realizes his attraction to Cass hasn’t faded…and then he meets Cass’s daughter.

I adored this book! You can grab your copy here if you’d like:

Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Kobo

Paula is giving away one eBook copy of her other wonderful Bliss book, DESIRE BY DESIGN, to one random commenter. Leave a comment – any comment – and you’ll be entered. The winner’s name will be posted in the comments on Sunday, August 10th, so be sure to check back!


Paula Altenburg lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and twosons. Once a manager in the aerospace industry, she now enjoys working fromhome and writing fulltime. Paula currently writes fantasy, paranormal andcontemporary romance. Visit her at and follow her on Twitter @PaulaAltenburg.


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August movies, here I come

Going to the movies is a summer pastime for many folks. Comedies, action-adventure flicks, snacks. They’re all good. And I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly enjoy the dark and the air conditioning at the movies after all the bright, hot, humid days. It’s definitely a bonus.

Captain America The Winter SoldierIs it just me, but are all the good movies coming out in August this year? I just haven’t been all that excited about most of the movies that have come out so far this year.

I’ve seen tons of trailers, but very few movies have interested me enough to go see them in the theater. Except for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was awesome.

But August? It’s loaded with movies that I want to see — Guardians of the Galaxy (playing now); The Expendables 3 (releases Aug. 15); and, yes, even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (releases Aug. 8).

So what appeals to me about these three movies in particular? They just look like fun. Guardians of the Galaxy looks like a zany superhero movie set in space. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looks like a zany superhero movie with teenage mutant ninja turtles. And The Expendables 3 stars every action hero who hasn’t already been in the first two Expendables movies.

The ExpendablesPlus, action movies are my favorite, and all three of these should have plenty of action, especially The Expendables 3. If you’ve seen the first Expendables movie, you know that the franchise features car chases, fights, and explosions galore.

Plus, it’s still summer, and I want to be entertained before we all buckle back down for fall.

What about you guys? What movies are you looking forward to? What’s the best movie you’ve seen so far this year?

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